Satellite Poker Tournaments and Tips For Success

A great way to enter poker tournaments with lots of money for very little or no money is to participate in satellite tournaments. All the big online poker rooms manage them. In short, a satellite poker tournament offers a number of seats for a bigger one. A disciplined and strategic approach can get you to work your way up to a slice of the big money action. See how.

An initial consideration that you should take is to understand the structure. It may be offering a guaranteed number of seats for the next phase, for example. Once you know what the cutoff point is to ensure your progression, then that becomes your goal, as there is usually no cash prize in a satellite poker tournament. All you need is that seat for the next round.

The number of places offered for later stages will affect your strategic decisions, since, by their nature, satellites tend to be very similar to multi-table tournaments. Always be aware of how many seats are available and where the limit point is. Your only goal is to secure one of those places, not to win.

In the early stages, play a conservative game to preserve your chip stack, unless you have a monstrous hand and are the favorite to win the hand. Use the table position wisely. Let all-in traders get lost and narrow the field for you. Each of your opponents that gets eliminated takes you one step closer to your goal of securing one of these guaranteed progression slots.

In the intermediate stages, now that the field has shrunk Poker QQ, your play may depend on your chip stack. If in the early stages you hit great cards and were lucky enough to accumulate a large stack of chips, you can sit down and choose the moments to get involved. If you have a medium sized stack, choose your fights carefully, as you still need chips. Try not to get involved with players with large stacks who can eliminate you, and instead try to face players with similar stacks or players with small stacks that you believe will give up. Play conservatively in the top positions and look for opportunities to steal when in the bottom positions. If you have few chips, choose a time to greet Mary and double to keep you in the game.

Always keep an eye on the number of players remaining and note what you need to do to stay on the team long enough to secure that important spot in the next round. How you do this will depend on your stack size after the middle stages and as the bubble approaches. If you have a big stack of chips, you can move on to the next round. If you have a medium stack, play a solid game using position and selecting smaller players who may well give up on any move you make, as they are desperate to wait for others to fall. Of course, if you have a small battery, Mary’s shout of greeting is your most effective weapon, and possibly the only one, although it is selective when using it. For example, your all-in push in late position against another opponent with a short stack may not be called and you have stolen enough chips to go through a few more hands, which may be enough to put you in one of the important rounds. following seats.

By playing a solid strategy in satellite poker tournaments, you can really play your way to the final stages of big money without spending entry fees. Do not dismiss these tournaments as tricks and instead see them as an opportunity. And I wish you much success.

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